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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

PRP injections harness the healing power of your own blood to reduce joint pain caused by inflammation. It may actually repair your damaged joint lining, as well as slowing down further wear and tear of your cartilage. The PRP injection contains valuable proteins and growth factors that your body may use to begin repairing cells and tissue. PRP can enhance ligament repair, torn tendon repair, and joint repair.  Through PRP procedure, some surgeries can be avoided.

    • It’s low risk – no more dangerous than a collagen injection.
    • It supports long-term healing of your injury, rather than quick, temporary relief from your symptoms.
    • For some, it can be a non-invasive alternative to surgery.
    • It uses your own plasma to help stimulate and accelerate your body’s natural healing process.

prp procedure can replace expensive surgeries

Cold laser treatment/therapy

This is a non-invasive treatment that penetrates deep into the skin and works to restore cellular function that has been damaged by an injury. The laser works at a frequency of 810 nanometers, which is the exact rate of a healthy cell. It is the application of laser light over injuries, lesions, burns, pain, inflammation and other disorders to stimulate healing within those tissues and cells. It is now commonly used worldwide to successfully treat many kinds of musculoskeletal injuries, repetitive stress injuries and for acupoint therapies because it promotes healing and tissue repair.

    • Non-Invasive:
    • Pain-Free:
    • Inexpensive and Safe Laser therapy
    • Fibromyalgia Treatment
    • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 


Custom Molded Orthotics

Orthotics the foundation of proper waking with placement of the foot and ankle in the position that is most effective in minimizing pressure on foot and ankle which may transfer to pathological pressures placed on the knee hip and lower back.

    • Accommodation or prevention of a physical deformity
    • stabilization of a joint or joints
    • Improvement in mobility or performance
    • Off loading areas of pressure


custom molded orthotics mission viejo ca
Orange County Foot and Ankle Doctor
As an Orange County Foot and Ankle doctor
Dr. Matt Ahnadi and his staff will take care of all your foot and ankle treatment. Dr. Ahmadi offers services in a wide verity of foot and ankle deformities and paghology.

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Dr. Matt Ahmadi is a leading Podiatrist in Mission Viejo California. Dr. Ahmadi specializes in PRP therapy and Custom Molded Orthotics. .

Cold laser treatment/therapy


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment


Custom Molded Orthotics


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